High School (9th - 12th)

For our high schoolers, parents work together to provide academic courses to meet graduation requirements and to give college-bound students experience in a classroom or online setting.

Courses for the 2016-17 school year are listed below.  GSCHE members can register for classes by logging in on the home page and then clicking the Co-op Registration tab at the top of the page.

High School Co-op Classes

American Literature

Led by Crystal Akers, this will have an online home component for assignments and supplemental material with co-op class meetings for discussion, activites or presentations. American Literature will be a chronological study of authors and works that define the American story. We will read only a select number of novels and follow the text of James Stobaugh's American Literature as a survey guide. I also hope to use class time for students to present more information about certain authors and works. Details to be determined based on number enrolled in class. 


High school level introductory course in chemistry.  Topics to be covered include atomic structure, molecular structure, chemical reactions, acid-base chemistry, solutions, and thermodynamics. Co-op class time will be mostly lab with content help as needed, therefore outside work and reading will be considerable. Students should be able to devote 4 hours per week (outside of co-op) to this subject.

Computer Programming

This class will introduce students to computer programming using the Python programming language.  No prior programming experience is assumed.  Prerequisites/materials:  Students should be familiar with very basic algebra (e.g., should be able to easily solve the equation x + 5 = 3) and should have a laptop (PC or Mac, but not iPad) for in-class use.  There will be mandatory weekly programming assignments.  I will probably suggest an optional textbook.  The class will not meet in the first two weeks (instructor schedule conflict), but there will be a preparatory at-home assignment for those

Creative Arts

Crystal Akers will be coordinating this class.  Openings for volunteer teachers and helpers in Fall and Spring, any related topic. Email crystal@copecreek.com for questions or to volunteer to help!

Calling all creatives! We will explore the arts, beginning with music theory, led by Taylor Underwood.  We plan to switch to drama in January (skit writing, improv, acting technique, prop and costume creation and possibly create a variety show).

United States Government and Citizenship

In this course we will explore the foundations, principles, and development of government in the United States.  We will examine the major themes in American politics and what it means to be a citizen.

World History and Geography

This course uses the scope and sequence framework developed by the New York City Department of Education for 10th grade Global History and Geography. The course integrates Common Core Learning Standards and college readiness skills. The focus of this course will be to build skills in historical thinking in order to make connections between major historical events and current events. Geography is incorporated to provide an understanding of our place in a global community.